Monday, June 02, 2008

Zoya, Danielle Steel

It's a interesting read. The story starts off very well with Russian Revolution and First World War as the backdrop. But then it fizzles out. The problem is it tries too hard to capture the impact of all the major events of 20th century (the Russian Revolution, World Wars and the Great Depression) on the protagonist's life, as a result of which the story moves in high-low-high-low pattern. You've got a heroine who finds 'true' love with one too many men and gets a lucky break every time her life hits rock bottom. You don't fall in love with Zoya like you do with Scarlett O Hara of Gone with the wind.

High point of the story is the sneak peek into the life of Russian nobility before and after the Russian Revolution - apparently those who managed to escape alive emigrated to Europe and made a living by driving taxis and doing other menial jobs - and the sad execution of the Tsar and his family. Depressing.

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