Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brida, Paulo Coelho

In Brida, Coelho establishes that God exists, we can experience him in all things around us, we are all born for a purpose and only God knows what that purpose is. We just have to keep faith in Him and follow His lead. Tradition of the Sun & Moon teach you how to know God's will & live your destiny. Tradition of the Sun advocates conscious living & meditation (concept discussed in The Alchemist) to connect with the universe/ invisible world. Tradition of the Moon (witchcraft, discussed in Brida) is about communing with the invisible world thru' rituals, time & space travel, talking to spirits and so on. All that is fine. But there's one part that didn't make sense to me...

It says that everyone has a soulmate (sometimes you may meet more than one soulmate in a lifetime) and we are all looking for our soulmate coz only then can we experience true happiness. Further it goes on to say that people with higher level of consciousness can recognize their soulmate by special light in the other person's eye or light on the left shoulder. Rest of us ordinary people have to rely on intuition. So far so good. In Brida's story, The Magus (teacher of the Tradition of the Sun) breaks up with his girl friend whom he loves very much because she's not his soulmate (no light in eyes/ left shoulder). He spends many years waiting for his soulmate and finally when she (Brida) comes along and both of them recognize that they are soulmates, he lets her go because she's in not in love with him but with another man who's not her soulmate. And then he consoles himself saying that he'll meet someone else and fall in love again. Duh!

Anyways, it was a interesting read...


Raag said...

Read God Delusion.

There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of God.

There is no need to invoke him to lead a good and fruitful life.

There is a funny campaign in DC "Be good for goodness sake" and not be good because one feels that God expects one to be, or because one will get to heaven.

Atheists are not devils; we derive our moral code from common sense just as people did 1000s of years ago when they gave up hunting, gathering and settled into villages and later cities.

Religious people just co-opted this. We now think that morality was given to us by religious people


-- Raag

Anonymous said...

Hi Saniye,

I just finished reading Brida and from what I gather, the lesson the Magus needed to learn through coming into contact with his soul mate was that true love entails freedom and is forever (whether together or apart) and not the possessive love he had with his prior mate. Because the magus misused his gifts from the tradition of the sun to keep another man from being with that woman, he was "punished," and was obliged to be alone until his soul mate appeared to teach him the rest of his lesson. I hope we haven't ruined the ending! :) May I suggest including a warning at the beginning of your post for those who haven't read the book? Happy blogging! :)