Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life, Chetan Bhagat

This one is a delightful read. His best so far. It has all the ingredients that make it a must read - simple but interesting story line, realistic characters, humor, drama, thrill/ action, facts, insights into political situation in India, romance, suspense... It's wholesome entertainment. This one would make a great movie. I've already figured out the cast: Shahid Kapur as business-minded, mathematics genius Govind, Kunal Kemu as Ish who is hot-headed, passionate about cricket and bravely fights to save Ali's life and Tushar Kapoor as gullible and kind-hearted Omi. I absolutely loved it.

One of the events this book touches upon is the burning of the train carrying kar-sevaks in Godhra and the subsequent riots in Gurajat. This brought back the fear i felt when i read about similar events in The Source. It's scary how 'normal' people could turn into cold-blooded mass-murderers when provoked.

What i like most about his style is he writes in simple English, unlike some of the other Indian authors who use such 'heavy' words and metaphors that you have to keep reaching out for the dictionary/ read a sentence multiple times to comprehend it's meaning. E.g., Arundati Roy's 'God of small things'

I wonder why his books are priced so low though... this one is priced at Rs.95 only

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bhaskar said...

i agree that this can make a wonderful bollywood movie, but disagree that this is chetan's best so far. There is no comparision to five point someone.

And last, I happen to attend a promotion event and the publisher was also there, he said he wants his books to be reachable to the common man, hence priced @ 95.