Thursday, December 07, 2006

Egypt Trip Prep

I figured it was high time i started working on my dream of travelling the world. After considering various options i settled for 10 days (13 - 23 Dec) Egypt tour by SOTC. The good thing is SOTC takes care of everything - visa, tickets, hotel, sight-seeing etc.,

I had to submit 3 years IT return statements for obtaining the visa (along with various other documents)... i had a hard time with this one coz i had only last year's statement. I threw away all the previous statements when i cleaned my closet couple of months ago (yup! i do such smart things from time to time). Thanks to Swati & Talisma i managed to get duplicate copies of my previous IT statements within 24 hrs. I was amazed by the quick turnaround!

Once i got the visa and tickets (the whole process took only 4 days once i submitted all the documents)... next question was what kind of clothes should i wear on the trip... considering the egypt is a tourist hotspot i didn't expect it to have a dress code.. well, i was in for a big surprise coz they do have a dress code for women which goes something like this: loose fitting clothes, top should be atleast elbow length, no low necks, no shorts, skirts should be below knee... bottom line, the respect you get is directly proportionate to how much you are covered... if you don't adhere to these rules, you are likely to be subjected to eve-teasing and god knows what else... finding 'cool' outfits that met at all these restrictions was quite a challenge... with my shopping almost complete am all set to take off to the land of pyramids... am very excited about this trip :)


Anonymous said...

wishing u a great trip

saniye said...

thank u :)