Sunday, December 24, 2006

Egypt: 13 Dec - 23 Dec 06

Am back from my 10 days vacation in Egypt. It was better than what I had imagined. I had a wonderful time there. Am sad that it's over - i haven't felt this way about any of my travels in a long time.

Egypt is beautiful and so full of history. This tour was like a walk down the memory lane of ancient Egypt. What amazed me more than the monuments itself, (which were all larger than life and awe-inspiring) is the deep-seeded belief /faith that inspired people to build such magnificent structures. Some of them like Karnak temple took centuries to build. It’s amazing!

My favorite memories of the trip are that of:
· Abu Simbel – Ramses II and Nefertari’s Temples by Lake Nasser. It showcases the great achievements of ancient and modern man. It’s a gigantic rock cut temple built in 1200 BC and it was rescued i.e., literally shifted to higher ground in 1960s when it got flooded by Lake Nasser
· Nile Cruise – the whole experience… especially playing Antakshari with all the ladies and chatting with them
· Galabiya night on the cruise – costume shopping, dressing up and the party… the atmosphere was so festive that it felt like a family get together
· Alexandria – what a beautiful city… loved shopping, walking by the Mediterranean at night...

For day-by-day account of the tour click here

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