Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Return to VividhBharti

Couple years ago there was influx of FM stations playing Hindi music in Bangalore. That was a blessing as my commute to work would vary between 45-90 mins each way. Things started to change slowly... i think it started with 98.3 FM which started playing more regional music and everyone followed suit and now when you turn on the radio all you here is regional music with some Hindi music peppered around. I find it hard to believe that there are no takers for Hindi only music stations with so much immigrant population from North.

So now i tune into VividhBharti (102.9 FM) when i'am in the mood for Hindi music. It seems like nothing has in the past 30 yrs. They still play 'Mann chahe geet' at 1:30pm and 'Fauji bhaiyon ki pasand' at 7:00pm... and their sponsors haven't changed either. You still hear the good old 'Vicco vajradanti, tooth powder, tooth paste' jingle... It's nostalgic.

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