Sunday, June 10, 2007


Have been busy last few months trying to learn & play the 'get rich game'. It's been an exciting journey so far. I haven't figured out my 'magic formula' yet... I'am trying out some of the lessons i have picked up so far. I promise to write a book or at least a blog post when i figure out what works for me :)

In my quest for knowledge about investing in real estate, i signed up for two-days workshop with The Trump Institute - a course designed by the man (Donald Trump) who made his fortune in real estate. The course was well worth my time and money. The trainer is a successful real estate investor himself, so he knew what he was talking about. The course was very informative and gave lot of valuable insights about real estate investing. It was exactly the kind of beginner's course i was looking for. I have to figure out how to apply the learnings in India where the Real Estate market is not as organized and mature as US. There are two higher level courses after this. I'll probably take them when Trump Institute comes to India.

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